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Plastic Odyssey is settling in Marseille

Plastic Odyssey’s team just moved to Marseille, a gate on the Mediterranean sea. With a strong maritime history, the city is now the home port of Plastic Odyssey’s expedition.

Thanks to a technical partnership with SETEC, Plastic Odyssey has settled in Marseille in the rue de la Republique near the Vieux Port Area.

The setup of a workshop is also planned in the course of the year so they can move their machines here as well.

Marseille: departure city of the Expedition

Before traveling around the world, the Expedition will start navigating the Mediterranean sea. A first navigation with stopovers in the Middle East and Maghreb is due in 2020-2021.
Marseille is obviously the best location to organize the first part of this Expedition.

A determining schedule

In June 2020, France will host the IUCN World Congress on Nature. A large-scale event which will bring environmental issues to the forefront of the international political stage.
Then it will be high time to fix the last arrangements before boarding Plastic Odyssey for its next Expedition: a few months later the iconic ship that fights against plastic pollution will set sail for the 3 most polluted continents: Africa, South America, and Asia.

The Expedition around the world is set to come back in 2024 when Marseille is hosting the Summer Olympics sailing competitions: the rightful occasion for the crew to turn again the spotlight on its fight to reduce pollution in the oceans.


“That’s perfect timing!” Simon Bernard, leader of the Plastic Odyssey Expedition, notices. “The region, the Metropole and the city, everyone stands up to improve waste management and to be an example during the Olympic Games”. Because the Olympic board Committee, Paris 2024, has announced a bold strategy as far as waste is concerned. The Region will have “a strong zero waste policy” in the Mediterranean Sea.
A message fully embodied by Plastic Odyssey’s leaders.

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