Friday 5 April, 2019 | News

En quête d’un navire d’exploration

In a nutshell

The initial idea of a catamaran has evolved to that of an exploratory monohull ship.

The specifications have become clearer: the vessel needs to be bigger.

We are now looking to recycle a second-hand ship and give it a new lease of life.

An exploration vessel

With the project moving forward, the design of the expedition has changed. Following discussions on technical and operational aspects of the project with IMOS and Ship As A Service, two of our partners, we have refined the specifications. We are now looking to refit a thirty-meter monohull ship to create an iconic vessel that matches our values: plastic recycling as well as plastic reduction.

Simon Bernard, the Expedition leader, clarifies:

The idea of a catamaran fighting against plastic pollution was confusing: most of the people assumed that the boat would directly clean up the surface of the oceans. With this new ship, there is no more doubt. It will be an emblematic research vessel acting directly at the source of the problem, the land.

Giving new life to a ship

With the need to have an increased environmentally-friendly approach, it is obvious that completely refurbishing a second-hand vessel is the only option. This ship will be the DNA of our project: recycling existing objects instead of creating new ones.

Ongoing research

Our first lead involved us traveling north to Scotland where we found an old abandoned ship in Glasgow. A second prospect has our team currently visiting Finland to inspect another ship that used to carry passengers. To be continued…