Expedition Henderson, final preparations before launch

After months of preparation, the Plastic Odyssey teams have finally gathered on Mangareva in the Gambiers for the final preparations before the start of their adventure on Henderson Island, the world’s most polluted sanctuary;

Crossing the Pacific

After 24 days at sea (departing Panama on January 6) and 4,000 nautical miles covered, the ship #PlasticOdyssey and her crew have just arrived on the island of Mangareva in French Polynesia, an island located 1,600 km southeast of Tahiti. The team will be able to take advantage of these few days to finalize preparations for the mission to the uninhabited island of Henderson…

Final preparations before the launch of the Henderson 2024 expedition;

The whole team is on the boat! Despite the strong tropical depression forecast over the next few days in the South Pacific, delaying departure for Henderson by around three days, the mission team #TheImpossibleCleanup is now complete, and everyone is getting to know each other.

At yesterday’s initial briefing, the teams were able to allocate tasks and strengthen group cohesion; The boat is in a state of emulation, bursting with ideas. All equipment is on board and final preparations are underway before the 2024 expedition begins on #HendersonIsland. Today, an important meeting is scheduled to explain to everyone how the extraction of plastic waste from the island will be organized;

The ship should be able to leave Mangareva on Saturday, after the cyclone has passed; The arrival on Henderson is scheduled for next Monday.

Set course for Henderson Island

Set course for Henderson, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the most polluted place on Earth. Henderson is an uninhabited island in the South Pacific Ocean. It is one of the four islands of the Pitcairn archipelago, along with Pitcairn, Okeno and Ducie. Henderson is one of the last two elevated coral atolls in the world whose ecosystems remain relatively untouched by human contact. In 1988, it was designated a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. Ten of its 51 flowering plants, four land birds and around a third of the insects and gastropods identified are endemic – a remarkable diversity given the island’s size. But a 2015 analysis found that Henderson has more than 18 tonnes of plastic on its beaches: ┬ź the highest density of plastic debris recorded anywhere in the world ┬╗.

The 38 km2 island has more than 38 million pieces of plastic on its shores. Conservative estimates suggest that 3,500-13,500 new plastic items wash up on Henderson each day. One of its beaches, the 2km long East Beach, is polluted by 30 million plastic items. This is the drop-off point for the 2024 Henderson Island Expedition led by Plastic Odyssey!

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