Plastic Pollution Young Explorers Challenge

The “Young Plastic Pollution Explorers” initiative is supported by Plastic Odyssey Community, a French NGO. Plastic Odyssey Community creates awareness-raising tools on plastic pollution, with the aim of putting the public (children or adults) in an active position: explorer, investigator, inventor of solutions… All the tools created are distributed free of charge, translated into several languages, and are shared in open-source on the Plastic Odyssey platform.

Challenge rules

In groups (class or group of students) or individually, go investigate and collect information on one of the three main themes:

  • Plastics in my daily life: What are the plastic objects that surround us in our daily lives, in what context are they used, for what purpose? What are they used for, who uses them, who sells them, who makes them? Are there “invisible” plastics in our homes?
  • Behind the waste, women and men: What happens to our plastic objects once we have finished using them? Where do they go? Who are the people who collect it, recycle it, or unwittingly inherit it?
  • Alternatives: Are there alternatives to plastic in my country, e.g. from local crafts? What are they? How did people do it before plastic came along? Who is thinking about alternatives and what are the solutions?

Contributions can be submitted through this form until June 22nd.
They will be evaluated by a jury of Plastic Odyssey explorers, who will choose 3 winners.

Good luck to all!

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Thanks a lot for contributing!


  • Deadline for contributions: 22 June 2022
  • Restitution and prize-giving: 04 July
  • Start of the exhibition tour: September 2022