The recycling bin for the collection, sorting and transformation of waste in short circuit

Industrial designer concerned by the ecological emergency, Nicolas Legendre wishes to bring out new alternative solutions to the consumption of plastic products.

With his project Particule(s), he wants to promote a circular economy in industrial sectors with the methodology of design. His project is the implementation of a system of recovery of plastic waste from companies, transformed into eco-designed and sustainable objects useful to their industry.

By Nicolas Legendre, Industrial Designer

“ The PO lab workshop will allow me to develop, prototype, test and improve my ideas quickly and to confront them with the various experts on board. I am also looking forward to meeting people with the same ambitions and the same vision of tomorrow’s world. I am sure that this is a human experience that will bring me a lot. “

State of progress



#1 Dunkirk, France


12/07/21 - 01/08/21

session 1

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