The ecological bicycle built with household plastic waste

Designer and consultant in circular economy, Daovone now wants to develop a project that combines her field of expertise with her passion for cycling.

Her goal: to build a bike frame out of recycled plastic, including yogurt pots and fishing nets.

Plasti-Cycle is the first French bicycle made of recycled plastic from household waste collection and recovery. Anyone who has collected 5 kg of plastic (120 PET bottles) will be able to make their own bike frame with the help of local plastic recycling communities. The open-source project aims to involve and educate users in the manufacturing chain and to collaborate with public and private partners, in a systemic approach specific to the circular economy; industrial symbiosis, eco-design, economy of functionality, reuse etc..

By Sribouavong Daovone, Designer & Circular Economy Consultant

“ It’s a unique experience where I will be able to grow my project thanks to the team’s wise advice on prototyping and project dissemination. ”

State of progress



#1 Dunkirk, France


01/07/21 - 01/08/21

session 1

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