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Our Actions

Innovating for a World
Free of Plastic Waste
and for Local Development

Challenged by the plastic crisis, Plastic Odyssey is committed to developing local initiatives wherever they are needed. How? By reconciling global challenges and local development.

Uncover, assess, and disseminate transition solutions.

Social Entrepreneurship

Fostering Local Initiatives
of Waste Management

Developing Local Recycling Economies to Generate Jobs

Plastic Odyssey supports local entrepreneurs in the development of small recycling plants. These micro-enterprises could generate thousands of jobs in developing countries and would stimulate the transformation of plastic waste into valuable and sustainable resources for local inhabitants.

  • encourage the development of recycling micro-plants
  • identify and document existing models
  • support local entrepreneurs in their empowerment and recycling expertise

Low-Tech and Open Source Technologies

Build and Share
Simple and Accessible Low-Cost Technologies
to Encourage Recycling

Create Low-Tech Recycling Technologies for Waste Treatment

Plastic Odyssey develops low-tech recycling tools, such as patent-free technologies, that are simple to build and operate with very little energy. These technologies would enable local entrepreneurs around the world to efficiently process plastic waste, from which a market value could generate.

  • assessing technologies discovered around the world and stimulating their plans (reverse engineering)
  • to have engineers from all over the world contribute to the development of low-tech and resilient technologies
  • to share knowledge throughout all identified actors in the field of open source

Social Engagement

Awareness-Raising and Mobilization
of Local Populations to Engage Locally

Disseminating Knowledge to Empower Citizens

Plastic Odyssey develops tools for the benefit of local citizens, which include awareness-raising, experimentation, and manufacturing engines. These tools aim to encourage citizens to take action against plastic pollution and to mobilize actors for change all over the world.

  • Nomadic awareness-raising platform that travels from cities to town to share knowledge and know-how with local inhabitants.
  • Identification of solutions and implementation of pilot projects with local inhabitants in each of our stopovers
  • Coordination of an action-research program across 3 continents, to find the levers that will provoke our changing behaviors.