A round-the-world expedition for a plastic-free Ocean

3-year expedition
+30 stopovers
40,000 nautical miles sailed

The objectives


local cultures, needs and use of plastics


the building of small local recycling units and waste reduction initiatives

Stopovers interactive map

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2020/2021: Africa & Latin America

2022: Asia-Pacific

2023: Asia & Africa

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Stopover plan

1 – Connect

the future fighters against plastic pollution (policymakers, companies, investors, and entrepreneurs)

2 – Demonstrate and improve

– onboard plastic recovery technologies using the waste collected on site. Plastics will be transformed into objects and materials that will be useful in the visited places. The anthropo-technological approach will allow adapting solutions in order to meet local needs and cultures. Non-recyclable waste will be turned into fuel to power the vessel’s engines.
– alternative solutions to disposable plastics

3 – Create

– a network of local ambassadors of waste recycling and reduction so that initiatives can sprout up around the world

– education and awareness-raising: at each stopover, an awareness campaign for the general public will be launched.