around the world powered by plastic

Aboard the first plastic-to fuel vessel, ambassador of recycling technologies


Catherine Chabaud – Navigatrice & journaliste

« Le monde se mobilise enfin pour tenter de trouver des solutions à l’invasion des plastiques dans les océans, qui sont la cause de mon propre engagement depuis quinze ans. Dans cette lutte, Plastic Odyssey recherche les solutions de bon sens, celles qui permettront de mobiliser les populations littorales, de régler le problème plus durablement, ou même de transformer le problème en solution. Cette idée bien maline est doublée d’une énergie formidable, capable de mobiliser tous les soutiens nécessaires. Je vais suivre cette aventure avec attention et leur souhaite bon vent ! »Merci d’emprunter ce chemin. ” 

How do we show that plastics are too valuable
to enter our oceans?

Plastic Odyssey is an innovative boat that will circumnavigate the globe to promote plastic recycling. At each port of call, Plastic Odyssey will:



plastics ashore to avoid future marine pollution.

10 million tons: unmanaged plastic waste entering the ocean every year.

Once at sea, it’s too late : only 1% of this pollution can be harvested. 



wastes into valuable materials and convert non-recycled plastic into eco-fuel to power the ship.

Recycle: house tiles and bricks, tools, insulation, fabrics…
Recover: 1 kg of plastic = 1l of eco-fuel



technologies and know-hows to create local economies based on plastic recycling or recovering.

120 billion: value of plastic material lost annually.

Claudie Haigneré – Astronaut

“Planet Earth is the spaceship of humanity. In order to better develop our common goods, let’s gather the human adventure together with the scientific and technical one. It’s a fascinating life choice that drives Plastic Odyssey.
Thank you for following this path.” 

The first plastic-to-fuel vessel around the world

Plastic debris into eco-fuel

Plastic To Fuel is a reliable source of alternative energy, transforming abundant non-recycled plastic into eco-friendly fuel. Plastic mix is converted into a fuel that produces 20% less CO2 emission than fossil fuels. This process is self-sufficient in energy and produces one liter of fuel per kilogram of plastic treated.

1kg of plastic = 1l of eco-fuel

We will use this emerging technology, directly on board, to accomplish the first round-the-world odyssey powered by plastic debris, proving it’s worth collecting them.

Turning problems into opportunities

Waste management has created local economies for decades: in many countries, pickers, wholesalers, and craftsmen make a living thanks to these activities. However, a great quantity of plastic trash is left due to the lack of known opportunities in this business. Plastic Odyssey aims to nourish existing technologies with new solutions to leverage plastic waste.

Catamaran IMOS 2400 – © IMOS – ShipAsAService ®

A clean vessel for a clean ocean

The vessel is designed for efficient energy use: solar panels for electrical equipment, efficient hull design, optimal weather routing, and energy monitoring system.

This oceanographic catamaran will be built and operated by our partner
Ship-As-A-Service ®.


Pioneering for a plastic free ocean

Merchant Navy Officer, ENSM - Awarded by the French Ministry of Environment
Simon Bernard


“Several decades will be needed before wastes disappear. We cannot afford to wait. Effects need to be limited by developing transition solutions”

Merchant Navy Officer, ENSM - Founder of GreenActive
Alexandre Dechelotte


“Plastic Odyssey is the hope of acting against poverty while using an unknown ressource: plastic wastes.”

Country Director, USA at Agorize - ESSEC & ICAM Alumnus
Benjamin de Molliens


Founder of MakeSense Peru - ICAM Alumnus
Bob Vrignaud


Plastic Odyssey & Marc Van Peteghem working on the ship construction

Twitter live stream

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