Aboard the first vessel powered by plastic waste FIND OUT ABOUT ITS MISSION

This vessel doesn’t clean up the ocean.

19 tons of plastic are dumped in the Ocean every minute

Once at sea, it’s too late. Plastic sinks and breaks down into micro-particles too small to be collected. Let’s make sure this waste never ends up in the ocean.

Our two priorities


Rethink the use of plastic for a sustainable future.


Give plastic waste a second life while fighting poverty

Why these actions?

To fight against ocean pollution in a sustainable manner, we must not only improve our waste management but also and above all reduce our dependence on plastics. These two actions must be carried out at the same time. Here is a simulation of different scenarios that led us to this conclusion:

A round-the-world expedition

More than 30 stopovers across the 3 continents most affected by plastic pollution

The objectives


local cultures, needs and use of plastics


the building of small local recycling units and waste reduction initiatives

An iconic vessel

The first floating laboratory dedicated to plastic waste recycling and reduction. Departure in 2020 for a 3-year expedition along the coasts of Africa, South America, and Asia-Pacific.

Why this blurred image? The boat is soon to be revealed, keep an eye out for upcoming updates!

Discover the project with this Ted talk

Simon BERNARD, Expedition leader – Merchant navy officer and ENSM engineer


Simon spent 2 years sailing on merchant’s vessel. He has been awarded for his commitment to protect the Ocean. Today he gives many conferences (TEDx, Positiv Economy Forum…)


Simon Bernard

Simon Bernard

Expedition Leader

Alexandre Dechelotte

Alexandre Dechelotte

Head of Communications

Benjamin de Molliens

Benjamin de Molliens

Head of Partnerships

Bob Vrignaud

Bob Vrignaud

Head of R&D

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