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Our Vision

Building a Global Network of Local Initiatives

Every minute, 19 tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean, which is the equivalent of a garbage truck. The consequences for fauna, flora and human health are irremediable. It has, therefore, become urgent to act!

But how do we stimulate the movement? By giving everyone the means to engage at their local level, and by reconciling planetary plastic challenges with daily life.

Our Actions

Develop Technical and Social Solutions

Entreprenariat dans le recyclage


Support local entrepreneurs in developing countries to develop local recycling economies and stimulate jobs through plastic waste.

recyclage low-tech

Open Source

Develop low-tech and patent-free technologies to enable the transformation of plastic waste into valuable objects.

recyclage local


Experiment with innovative ways of action with local citizens in 30 cities around the world, to demonstrate that it is possible to both reduce and change our use of plastics.

The Expedition

Uncover and Share Solutions

A 3-year expedition around the world to document existing initiatives and develop new ones.

The Vessel

A traveling research platform to gather, develop, and disseminate solutions to fight against plastic pollution.

Carte de l'expédition de Plastic Odyssey


2 years of preparation, 30 countries visited, with 3 weeks of action per stopover.

The Team

20 people on board, a shore-based team, a committee of experts and scientists, and over 10,000 advocates around the world.

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