The first round-the-world expedition on a boat powered solely by plastic waste


Departure in 2020 for a 3-year expedition

Le plastique a trop de valeur pour finir dans l’océan, Plastic Odyssey va naviguer autour du monde pour le prouver.

18 tons of plastic enter
the ocean every minute

Once at sea, it’s too late. The problem
must be tackled at its roots by collecting and recovering plastic waste before it enters the ocean.

Today’s waste materials are tomorrow’s resources

Plastic Odyssey turns used plastic into valuable objects or energy using low-tech and open source technologies.

A round-the-world expedition

Departure in 2020 for a 3-year expedition along the coasts of Africa, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific with 3 goals:

le potentiel des déchets
les cultures et les besoins locaux
des projets de recyclage

A floating lab dedicated to plastic recycling

To demonstrate the value of plastic waste all over the world and create a circular economy for plastics.


Construction of the vessel

The prototype boat of Plastic Odyssey, named “Ulysse”, is a 6-meter catamaran. It’s the first boat powered solely by plastic waste. On board, a pyrolysis unit transforms non-recyclable plastic into fuel that provides the energy required to move the boat.

It was launched on June, 15.

The team



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Head of R & D

Support the project

The project is made possible thanks only to the support of individual donors and corporate sponsors. Help us reduce plastic pollution by embarking on this adventure: