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Plastic Odyssey, finally owner of its expedition vessel.

Octobre 2019

After several months of research, we are proud to unveil the vessel that we have chosen for the expedition. The 40m long Victor Hensen, previously an oceanographic research vessel, will be transformed over several months in order to become the worldwide ambassador for plastic pollution reduction around the world.

A trip to Burkina Faso

June 2019

Burkina Faso: 20 million inhabitants, six bordering countries, and zero connection whatsoever to the ocean. Yet, it is there that our team at Plastic Odyssey decided to conduct our second field study to prepare for the big Expedition next year.

Clarins becomes Plastic Odyssey’s first partner

April, 2019

They supported the project from the very beginning. They are today, the pioneering partners of Plastic Odyssey. The Clarins brand, from the Clarins Group, has become the Official Partner of the expedition fighting against plastic pollution in the ocean.

Looking for the research vessel

The initial idea of a catamaran has evolved to that of an exploratory monohull ship.
The specifications have become clearer: the vessel needs to be bigger.
We are now looking to recycle a second-hand ship and give it a new lease of life.

Plastic Odyssey is settling in Marseille

March 2019

Plastic Odyssey’s team is moving their office to the gate of the Mediterranean sea, in Marseille; wholly turned towards the sea, the city becomes the cradle of Plastic Odyssey Expedition…

Stop paper bills

Plus de 160 000 clients de Veolia Eau France ont franchi le pas vers la facture électronique. À chaque adhésion, 1€ est reversé à notre association pour soutenir la protection de l’Océan. Un grand merci à notre partenaire mécène pour ce soutien d’ampleur ! Pour plus de détails :

Immersion in Thailand

November 2018

Pictures of the preparation of the stopover.

Challenge #1: The soap

This is our first daily challenge that could have an impact on the oceans and our planet.