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Plastic Odyssey and The MATMUT

“Plastic Odyssey’s project is innovative, sustainable, and resolutely human-oriented.”

The MATMUT Group story

A mutual insurance company founded in 1961 to allow the first automobile mutual insurance offer to employees in the private sector. Matmut operates with a democratic model of governance centered on the member-policyholders, who are represented by 470 delegates throughout France.

With more than 3.8 million members and 7.2 million* insurance contracts managed, Matmut is a key player in the French insurance market. It offers everyone – individuals, professionals, businesses, organizations – a complete range of personal and property insurance products (car, motorcycle, boat, home, liability, family protection, health, legal protection, and assistance), financial and savings services (car loans, projects, loan insurance, savings books, life insurance, etc.).

*digits as of 12/31/2018

“What an inspiration to take action for the preservation of our planet!”

St├ęphanie Boutin, Deputy Managing Director of La Matmut

Viva Technology Video Paris – 2019

La Matmut’s CSR commitments

This new partnership is part of Matmut’s proactive approach to CSR. The company, aware of the major environmental challenges we are facing today, has, for many years now, been committed to reducing its ecological footprint by carrying out several actions, such as:

Among employees

  • The installation of internal collection points made available to employees, to collect and recycle cigarette butts, batteries, plastic caps, and cups.
  • Equipped beverage dispensers, with mug and cup sensors, to minimize the use of single-use plastic cups.
  • The relentless decline in the volume of IT consumables.
  • The organization of “Digital Detox” mornings, during which employees are invited to reduce their number of emails sent.

Among the member-policyholders

  • Support for policyholders, with the organization of Eco-driving courses enabling them to acquire economical and ecological driving techniques, and ultimately lower fuel consumption.

In terms of real estate

  • The deployment of saving boxes, energy management automatons. 70 branches connected at the end of 2018, i.e. +20% compared to the end of 2017, for better pro-activity in the event of water leaks or electricity consumption overruns.
  • The construction of the La Filature building in Rouen, a building with high energy performance and innovative technology, which recently obtained the “Passivhaus” label.
  • Matmut’s participation in the Cube 2020 competition, which is part of the local COP 21 initiative launched by the Rouen Normandy Metropolis. Registered companies are committed to reducing their energy consumption as much as possible.

The company has recently been designated winner of the Sustainable Development@ 2019 Trophies, organized annually for the past ten years by Caux Seine Agglo, to highlight companies’ innovations and best practices in the field of sustainable development.

The Matmut Group’s motivations for supporting the Plastic Odyssey Expedition

La Matmut’s social, loyal, and civic commitment is part of its DNA. The company has always been driven by a solidarity-based and compassionate approach of insurance, a trustworthy social policy, and an ambition to reducing its ecological footprint.

This partnership with Plastic Odyssey will enable, both internally and externally, to raise awareness and support the change and transition to a more environmentally-friendly system, while supporting an innovative and forward-looking project.

While commenting on the partnership, St├ęphanie Boutin, La Matmut’s Deputy Managing Director in charge of Communication notes:

“Plastic Odyssey’s project is innovative and sustainable, resolutely focused on the human factor, which directly affects us as a mutualist structure. This project is emblematic of our commitment to both our employees and member-policyholders. We wish the best to our partner in their remarkable project, and it is the whole of La Matmut that will follow the progress of their expedition starting 2021. What a source of inspiration for each of us to act, at our level, and on a daily basis, in favor of the preservation of our planet! ┬╗

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