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If we do not act now, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. The challenge is colossal. To build a plastic-free world, we need your help! Corporations, institutions, organizations, citizens, students: join the adventure!

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Concrete impact

Plastic Odyssey’s project meets the sustainable development goals
set by the United Nations.

Circular economy and sustainable production

Recycling waste products available on-site, in countries dependent on raw materials, into both sustainable objects and energy.

Coastal zone clean-up and Ocean preservation

Development of local stations and recycling infrastructures at each stopover.

Access to education and open innovation

Sharing knowledge on plastic pollution and open-source recycling technologies at each stage of our expedition around the world.

Development and fight against poverty

Production of employment and resources, from the plastic waste present on-site, valuable to the development of local communities.

Objectives to change the world

One vision, one project, four objectives



Support the development of new waste management models in developing countries.



Stimulate recognition and social inclusion among the often marginalized local recyclers.



Discover and generate low-tech solutions that contribute to the return of a plastic-free ocean.



Help local populations to develop know-how based on the recycling and recovery of plastic.