A laboratory vessel promoting plastic waste reduction and recycling worldwide.

A unique vessel for thinking, creating, and developing simple and accessible solutions for reducing plastic pollution in the ocean. Former oceanographic research vessel that has been completely renovated, the MV Plastic Odyssey has become a full-scale demonstration tool for testing and improving tomorrow’s solutions.

The On-Board Research Platform

Clean Up The Past

R&D laboratory on plastic waste recycling technologies (sorting, grinding, extrusion, pyrolysis…).

Build The Future

Plastic reduction showroom and onboard exhibition.

Ambassador for The Protection of the Ocean

This emblematic vessel is an active symbol, which calls out, tells a story, and aims to mobilize crowds. A true “Flagship” for the protection of the Ocean, Plastic Odyssey acts as a catalyst and welcomes aboard the media, political decision-makers, local industrialists, entrepreneurs… Its goal: to interconnect these different actors and encourage the implementation of a multitude of local initiatives.

A tool for experimenting and promoting our solutions on the ground

Mechanical Workshop and Analysis Laboratory

The machine tools of our station allow new parts to be built for the development of further prototypes. The laboratory enables the assessment of waste to establish a database.

Recycling workshop area

This space includes shredders to reduce plastics into flakes, a washing/drying system, and a multi-function extruder to transform plastics into objects (mainly building materials with local uses, such as bricks, tiles, tubes, plates).

Zone Pyrolysis zone

Non-recyclable plastics are transformed into fuel to power engines. This transformation is possible thanks to an on-board pyrolysis machine. This system makes it possible to produce between 30 and 40 liters of fuel per hour.

Engine Room

Engine test bench, testing of the fuel produced, and of innovative solutions to reduce engine pollution: di-hydrogen (H2) injection, particle filters, etc.).

Recycled Products: Display Area

In this space, demonstrations of objects made from plastic waste will be a source of inspiration to create new outlets.

Conference, reception, and training room

Onboard Plastic Odyssey’s vessel, exchanges, and encounters are to be the essential keys to the project’s success and global impact. A dedicated space will allow the reception of local officials, professionals as well as partners.

Plastic-Free Kitchen

The vessel, a completely confined and autonomous living space, sets the perfect laboratory for experimenting with innovative practices. Solutions proven onboard will then be replicated on the ground.

Plastic Alternatives Exhibition Area

In this space, you will find the best alternatives to disposable packaging, and single-use plastics. This space will target companies that do not yet use or market eco-designed products. The goal is to help them take the plunge and thus reduce plastic production.

Zero-Plastic Cabins and Living Areas

Onboard, the crew will experience a lifestyle that involves limited use of plastic. Life on board this confined environment without producing waste can be replicated in similar places such as hotels, offices, homes, passenger ships.

Navigation Bridge

In these areas, innovative meteorological routing softwares enable the optimization of the ship’s consumption, through the use of winds and currents.

Mobile Laboratory

The M/V Plastic Odyssey is a remote field station for researchers, engineers, and scientists. In addition to carrying out a technical-socio-economic inventory of pollution on-site, one of its missions is to document proven solutions to deal with them.

Recycling Demonstrator

With more than 200m² of technical space and a loading capacity of around 20 tons of material, the ship accommodates around fifteen technologies to be tested in the most remote areas. It is also equipped with a fleet of machine tools to machine new parts and evolve prototypes. It is also equipped with a fleet of machine tools for processing new pieces and developing prototypes.

The Recycling Machines

Embarked at the stern of the ship, on the main and upper decks, all recycling machines will be used for demonstration to local stakeholders. The goal? Inspire the creation of local micro-factories or the development of existing businesses.

The Treasure Trunks

The ship also carries an itinerant village that will be deployed during our stopovers to raise awareness of the cause among the general public. The village also aims to collect testimonials and understand local customs and practices.

Technical Characteristics of The Vessel

  • Length

    39 meters
  • Width

    9.40 metres
  • Gross tonnage

    464 UMS
  • Motorization

    736 kW
  • Crew members

    7 people
  • Technical and scientific staff

    7 people
  • Media team

    3 people
  • External guests

    2 people

30 stopovers in the most polluted regions

The Plastic Odyssey expedition travels to the 30 most plastic-polluted coastal cities on board a laboratory vessel. The expedition explores the world in search of solutions to build a world without plastic.

Expédition Plastic Odyssey

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