An incubation program on board the ship for recycling entrepreneurs

Emerging tomorrow’s plastic recycling solutions

At each stopover of the expedition, the Plastic Odyssey ship welcomes several local recycling entrepreneurs on board to develop concrete and effective solutions to fight against plastic pollution.

Plastic Odyssey connects change-makers in order to share good ideas, multiply local initiatives all over the world, and accelerate the transition to a world without plastic.

The OnBoard Laboratory program is part of the project’s “Clean Up The Past” strategy and aims to develop economically viable local businesses to transform existing plastic waste into resources.

Incubation on board

The accelerator for recycling projects

The OnBoard Laboratory is a unique acceleration program in the world for entrepreneurs who want to launch a social plastic recycling company. It includes support for the technical aspect, as well as several entrepreneurship training sessions.


Open to all

Call for applications at each stopover

A few weeks before each stopover, local plastic recycling entrepreneurs can submit their applications to participate in the on-board incubation program on the Plastic Odyssey vessel.

Justin Nkurikiye

World Initiative

Selection of +300 recycling projects

The OnBoard Laboratory team selects between 8 and 10 projects at each session. Nearly 300 plastic recycling projects will be incubated around the world.

Atelier de recyclage


Acceleration on board

Each session lasts about 2 weeks. The program includes technical training, practical workshops, prototyping of objects made from recycled plastic, field visits, and studies of business models.

Embark on board the Plastic Odyssey

The program is based on an international network of technical experts and allows each entrepreneur to prototype their objects directly on board thanks to the on-board recycling workshop. This dedicated space on the 200 m2 ship is composed of 10 plastic valorization machines, including a washing tank, a crusher, a compactor, an extruder, a press, and a plate oven. The entire valorization chain is available to entrepreneurs so they can transform plastic waste into useful resources locally.

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Next session

June 2024

Do you have a plastic recycling project, advanced or in development? Would you like to join the Plastic Odyssey network and take part in our training program? You are in the right place!


Session #19


July 2024



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July 2024



Session #21


July 2024



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