A network of micro-recycling factories to transform plastic waste

Plastic pollution in the ocean comes from poorly managed waste on land.

Since 1950, only 9% of plastic produced has been recycled. Plastic pollution in the ocean comes from poorly managed waste on land and becomes irreversible once it reaches the sea. By recycling 1 out of 2 waste in the 30 coastal countries most affected by this plastic pollution, 40% of global pollution could be avoided. Simple valorization systems must be quickly put in place to address this problem and build a local recycling economy.

The Plastic Odyssey Local Factories are inspired by innovations and systems used on the ground worldwide. They bring together in a container all the necessary machines to transform waste into new material or objects.

On-land development

A turnkey recycling factory and the means to succeed

In addition to a turnkey factory, we provide solutions for financing, technical and commercial support to ensure entrepreneurs succeed and have a lasting positive impact on their community and the environment.

← Micro-factory developed with BGS RecyPlast in Conakry, Guinea, to make recycled plastic pavers.

Micro usine de recyclage BGS Recyplast

Configuration of transformation units

Our factories concentrate best practices we have studied and the know-how of partners we have met over the last 5 years. They have all been tested in industrial environments around the world. Machine configurations are standardized, modular and adapt to the needs of each entrepreneur.

Profile en plastique recycle

Tubes, planks, poles


This configuration allows the manufacture of profiles of different sizes and shapes from recycled plastic waste. Profiles can be used to produce transport pallets.

Recycling chain:

Pavés en plastique recyclé

Bricks, pavers, tiles

Molded objects

Transform local plastic waste into new high value-added objects*. This configuration is, for example, ideal for meeting the needs of the building and construction markets.

Recycling chain:

Diesel and gasoline


Transform plastic waste into fuel*. This configuration allows you to recycle your plastic waste into diesel or gasoline, for example, to power your other transformation units.

Recycling chain:

Our micro-recycling factories can process between 200 and 600 tons/year of plastic waste.

4 principles to make your recycling business profitable


<strong>Robust</strong> machines that are easy to use, maintain, <strong>repair,</strong> recycle, and built locally at a lower cost.

Open source

<strong>Collaborative</strong> technologies in open access to <strong>multiply</strong> the dissemination of this knowledge and maximize the impact of plastic recycling.


Production units that promote resilience, <strong>local circular economy</strong> and limit transportation that compromise <strong>economic profitability</strong>.

Network strength

We build <strong>ecosystems of local actors</strong> around entrepreneurs in our network: local authorities, private companies, waste management organizations, etc.

Mariam keita


Plastic Odyssey played a crucial role in the rapid and efficient development of BGS Recyplast. Thanks to our partnership, we built a factory perfectly adapted to my clients’ needs, which allowed us to meet market demands and maintain sustained growth.

Mariam Keita, recycling entrepreneur in Guinea

Social and environmental impact


  • Creating sustainable jobs through the development of local supply chains.
  • Producing know-how and training future generations.
  • Giving communities the means to clean up their living environment.


  • Adding value to plastic waste to encourage collection.
  • Offsetting the cost of collection in remote and protected areas through plastic credits.
  • Implanting small processing units in rural or remote areas.

Training and support for entrepreneurs

Market research, product selection, waste treatment and business model choice

Assistance in installation and management of recycling center

Access to training and a community of support

Assistance in commercial development, mutualization of framework contracts, marketing and prospecting aid

Become the next entrepreneur in the Plastic Odyssey network

Do you want to develop your plastic waste transformation activity with our micro-factories?

Present your project to us to benefit from comprehensive support.

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Plastic Odyssey brings together a community of people determined to reduce the environmental impact of plastic on their territory and to find innovative and low-tech recycling solutions. Together, we can make a significant difference in reducing plastic pollution in the oceans.

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Factory #1


Conakry 🇬🇳

BGS Recyplast

The Mariam and Bouba’s Project

Semi-industrial scale-up: from 100 to 400 paving stones per day.
Improvement of working conditions and safety.
Economic sustainability of the activity
Marketing and commercial development

Active since January 2023.

Learn more

Factory #2


Manufacturing of pavers
Active since February 2023

Lome 🇹🇬

Learn more

Factory #3

The Fabrick

Manufacturing of Profiles
Shipping in progress


Learn more

Factory #4


Manufacturing of Tiles
In study

Abidjan 🇨🇮

Coming soon

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