Educational resources to train the next generation of explorers.

Involving young people in finding solutions to stop plastic pollution

Plastic Odyssey offers free resources to introduce young people to finding solutions for a plastic-free ocean and to train the next generation of explorers.

In the face of the plastic crisis, we all have a role to play. But how can we motivate citizens, especially young people, to act in the face of a problem that seems overwhelming?

The Plastic Odyssey team offers fun and complementary mediation tools to school textbooks to approach the theme of plastic pollution through the prism of solutions and put young people in an explorer mindset. These tools, designed by the expedition team and education professionals, enable young people to develop their scientific knowledge, as well as their critical thinking and citizenship awareness.

Free resources for teachers and students

Take part in the Plastic Odyssey adventure with your students and participate in our activities directly in the classroom.

Virtual tour

Visit the Plastic Odyssey via video from your school

A virtual tour guided by the crew, to discover every corner of the Plastic Odyssey vessel.


Vessel’s position

Track the vessel in real-time with Marine Traffic

An interactive map to track the real-time position of the Plastic Odyssey vessel.

See the map

Collaborative sciences

Take part in a global survey

A survey conducted among young people to study how to change plastic-related habits.

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Online game

Investigate plastic pollution

A workbook and an online game to understand where plastic pollution in the ocean comes from and how to take action on an individual level.


The Explorers’ School

A year to develop an exploration project

Supported classroom projects for the year or semester, aiming to reduce plastic use in schools around the world.


Live video

Ask your questions directly to the crew

Live sessions from the boat, where the Plastic Odyssey crew answers questions from students in real-time.

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Young explorers are already aware to plastic pollution!

Help us develop these actions!

The educational resources and workshops offered to teachers and children by the Plastic Odyssey team are free, and we want them to remain so.

Live #5

French Guiana


Live video

June 13 at 2pm (UTC+2)

The Recycling Workshop on board the Plastic Odyssey vessel

Join live video sessions with your classes! Theme: Live from Cape Verde, Plastic Odyssey opens its Treasure Trunks: objects from Cape Verde and around the world to replace plastic.

Watch the Replay

Morocco Live

Visit of the Vessel

Senegal Live

Zero Waste Life

Cape Verde Live

Rescue of a Turtle

Brazil Live

Transatlantic Crossing

Live Guiana

The Recycling Workshop

Live #1
Visit of the Vessel
Watch the replay

Live #2


Zero-waste living on board


Watch the replay

Live #3

Cape Verde

The impact of plastic on sea turtles


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