Our solutions to fight plastic pollution in the Oceans

Take action on land, before plastic waste is dumped into the Ocean.

formation en ligne

Free online training to discover the basics of recycling

démoulage plastic recyclé

Incubation on board the vessel for recycling entrepreneurs

usine de recyclage des déchets plastiques

On-land development of micro-factories for recycling plastic waste

alternative plastique

Traveling exhibition on solutions to reduce plastic pollution

sensibilisation pollution plastique

Educational resources to train the next generation of explorers

sac plastique

Human science research program to evolve practices

Clean-Up the Past

Enhancing plastic legacy

“By recycling 1 out of 2 waste items in the 30 countries most affected by plastic pollution, over 40% of global plastic pollution could be avoided.”

Plastic Odyssey supports recycling entrepreneurs around the world to help them develop their projects and transform existing plastic waste into useful resources locally.

Build the future

Building tomorrow’s world

“By reducing waste production to 1.7 kg per day per person would avoid 26% of ocean pollution.”

By raising awareness and training citizens around the world, we can leave a clean planet to future generations. We implement concrete actions with young and old to understand and change their plastic usage.

Fake News Report

Busting 4 Myths About Plastic Pollution

In the debate around ocean plastic pollution, everyone has their own scientific truth, with more or less good faith.

For 4 years, Simon Bernard, President of Plastic Odyssey, has combed through scientific reports to separate fact from fiction. He methodically dissected the strategies of some to manipulate numbers and suggest that “Eureka! There is no longer a problem, since we have found the solution!”.

He shares the results of these 4 years of investigation, and addresses the fake news that does more harm than good to the environment.

Simon Bernard, co-founder and CEO of Plastic Odyssey

A 3-year expedition around the world

Starting on October 1st, 2022, a group of around twenty explorers on board a laboratory ship will embark on a 3-year journey from Marseille, making stops on 3 continents with the mission of preventing plastic waste from reaching the ocean.

Expédition Plastic Odyssey

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