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90% of ocean plastic pollution comes from 20 to 30 countries in Asia, Africa, and South America, as they lack industrial waste management systems.

In these countries, many entrepreneurs are developing or wish to develop recycling initiatives to make plastic waste a lever for economic development and fight pollution. These initiatives are led by self-taught and isolated entrepreneurs in an informal economy.

The Recycling Academy program is part of the “Clean Up The Past” strategy of the project and aims to train local entrepreneurs in the basics of plastic waste recycling.

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Training on plastic waste recycling

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With the Recycling Academy, we offer an accessible online training program to independently familiarize oneself with the issues of plastic recycling and learn the basics to develop one’s own plastic waste transformation plant with semi-industrial production capacity.

Find technical training guides, presentations, videos, and a library of practical content to go further in your learning of recycling or in the management of your activity.

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This training is for you if:

  • You want to launch your plastic recycling project
  • You have launched your project and you want to improve your recycling process
  • You are committed to reducing plastic pollution in your country
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit




Training on recycling

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Familiarize yourself with the basics of recycling by learning to identify plastics and build your own waste treatment plant, independently, with our available course and annexes.

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The recycling ecosystem
🔗 Presentation



Course 1

From waste to product
🔗 Guide, presentation and annex



Course 2

Building my recycling center
🔗 Guide, presentation and annex



Course 3

Building a viable model
🔗 Guide, presentation, and annexes

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    Have you completed the training and now wish to go further and be supported to launch your plastic waste recycling business? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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    Micro-factories for plastic waste recycling

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    Incubation of recycling projects on board the vessel

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