VIDEO : The Tools of the Plastic Odyssey Expedition are Ready!

With 4 months to go before the departure of Plastic Odyssey’s round-the-world expedition, the tools to carry out our missions to fight plastic pollution are ready!

Our onboard plastic recycling workshop with its 9 machines is installed on board the ship, we are launching our collaborative technological platform, a research program and an educational platform.

We are happy to unveil them into a video and to look back at the genesis of the project:

Fight against plastic pollution by recycling existing waste and reducing our plastic consumption

Every minute, more than 20 tons of plastic are poured into the ocean, but only 0.6% of the plastic pollution is found on the surface. So what can we do to stop this plague? Our solution: recycle existing waste and reduce our plastic consumption.

Plastic Odyssey’s approach is to transform plastic waste into durable objects that meet a local need, to prevent it from ending up in the ocean while creating jobs and value.

From prototype catamaran to plastic recycling laboratory ship

The adventure began 4 years ago with a first prototype called Ulysse. This 6-meter long demonstration ship carried a pyrolysis machine capable of transforming non-recyclable plastic into fuel.

Today, Ulysse has given way to the MV Plastic Odyssey, a 40-meter long and 10-meter wide laboratory vessel. The onboard pyrolysis unit is capable of transforming 30 kg of plastic per hour and supplies the onboard workshop with energy.

“Clean up the past” and “Build the future”

The boat is divided in two spaces: the aft is a real floating recycling laboratory and the fore is a zero plastic zone where the crew will experiment daily with alternative solutions to live without plastic.

Learning tools to disseminate good practices

At each stopover, a mobile awareness village will be deployed by the Plastic Odyssey NGO to meet the citizens of the call cities, alert them of the dangers of plastic pollution and offer alternative solutions. The village is now ready, with its learning tools to spread good practices!

This village will also allow us to conduct the first human science study on plastic pollution by collecting testimonies from citizens to to better understand how to change behaviors.

For the youngest, a dedicated tool has been designed in the manner of an escape-game with the French Fondation de la Mer and endorsed by the French Ministry of Education, to investigate plastic pollution and the solutions that exist near them. It is scheduled to be launched at the beginning of the next school year, in September.

One goal: democratize plastic recycling solutions throughout the world

These tools have a single objective: to catalog all plastic recycling solutions and spread them around the world to make them accessible to as many people as possible.

See you in November in Marseille for the great departure of the expedition to Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, then in about thirty cities around the world!

This video was created by our team. Special thanks to Loan Visentin for the capture and editing work, to Valentin Proult, Jules Vervust, Louis Boureau and Julien Blanchard for some of the footage, to Enlapse for the material provided and to the whole Plastic Odyssey team for their participation in the interviews!

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