A traveling exhibition that brings solutions to avoid using plastic

Gathering alternatives to plastic from all over the world and making them known

The Plastic Odyssey team travels the world in search of objects, materials, and ideas to break our dependency on plastic. These objects are presented to local inhabitants at each port of call of the vessel.

On board the Plastic Odyssey, treasure chests sail: large crates in which the expedition team gathers solutions as they travel around the world. The Treasure Chests contain objects, ideas, and testimonies from all over the world to prevent plastic from ending up in the ocean. At each stage of the expedition, the Plastic Odyssey team opens its trunks wide to show these treasures to local residents, and presents the exhibition in a cultural venue in the city.

The Treasure Chests, the exhibition of solutions to replace plastic.

Discover our library of alternatives to plastic

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Objects of the Exhibition

Discover some of the objects unearthed around the world.

Loofah, a natural sponge that grows on trees

Egypt 🇪🇬

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A toothbrush that grows in the ground

Lebanon 🇱🇧

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Antoine Boudin

Provence reed to replace plastic cutlery

France 🇫🇷

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champignon pour remplacer le polystyrène

Mushrooms to replace polystyrene

United States of America 🇺🇸

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Wool and hair to replace plastic agricultural tarps

France 🇫🇷

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A gourd that replaces plastic containers

Senegal 🇸🇳

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Ceramic filters for purifying water at home

Guatemala 🇬🇹

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cagette palmier

Market crates made of palm leaves

Egypt 🇪🇬

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Organic waste to make new objects

Turkey 🇹🇷

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The cade oil for filtering water and replacing plastic

Morocco 🇲🇦

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Terracotta to replace water bottles

France 🇫🇷

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Pssst, listen! Listen to the inventors’ testimonies.

World 🌍

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Do you know some examples of objects or materials that could replace plastic in daily life?

Write to us to introduce them!

Madame Camara’s water kiosks

Senegal 🇸🇳

Madame Camara manages a water kiosk in Keur Massar. With her water purification system, she can produce 300 to 400 liters of drinking water per day, which she then distributes to residents who come to fill their reusable bottles.

Fallou’s calabash gourds

Senegal 🇸🇳

In Senegal, Fallou has been transforming calabashes into everyday objects for over twenty years: gourds, bowls, ladles, spoons, etc. A simple alternative to plastic everywhere in the world.

Nadira’s sisal sponges

Cape Verde 🇨🇻

In Mindelo, Cape Verde, Nadira has opened a plastic-free store. Here, she knits natural sponges from sisal, a fiber extracted from the Agave plant, which grows everywhere in Cape Verde.

Jose’s woven and knitted objects

Cape Verde 🇨🇻

In Mindelo, Cape Verde, Jose is a craftsman who weaves and knits all the plants in the area into new objects.

Tania’s arouman bags

French Guiana 🇬🇫

In Kouyoumané, French Guiana, Tania picks and weaves arouman, a perennial Amazonian plant, from which she makes baskets.

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