Solutions from around the world to break our dependence on plastic

Document alternatives to plastic, and make them known worldwide

The Plastic Odyssey team travels the world in search of objects, materials, and ideas to break our dependency on plastic. These discoveries are presented in a travelling exhibition on board the expedition vessel.

To put an end to the plastic waste crisis, we urgently need to reduce our plastic consumption. But how do you go about it? And what can we use to replace this material that has taken root in our daily lives, our habits and our cupboards? Plastic Odyssey set off around the world in search of alternatives. At each stopover, the expedition team shares its discoveries with local residents, and enriches the exhibition with new solutions unearthed on the spot. In addition to this traveling exhibition, the team has developed online awareness-raising tools to help spread these good ideas as widely as possible.

The Vessel’s Treasure Trunks

A travelling exhibition of alternatives to plastic from around the world

On board the Plastic Odyssey are the Treasure Trunks, in which the expedition team gathers solutions as it travels around the world. The Treasure Trunks contain objects, ideas and testimonials from all over the world to help prevent plastic from ending up in the ocean.

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  • Last updated: 20/06/2024


Testimonials from men and women who have chosen to live away from plastic, and who tell the story of their change of direction.

Discover our video testimonials on these inspiring initiatives.


Madame Camara’s water kiosks


Fallou’s calabash gourds

Cape Verde

Nadira’s sisal sponges

Cape Verde

Jose’s woven and knitted objects

French Guiana

Tania’s arouman bags

Dominican Republic

Porfirio’s biodegradable containers

Dominican Republic

Michelle’s water lilac lamps


Maribel’s kitchen utensils


Esmeralda’s totumo objects

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The Fresco of solutions to plastic pollution

A deck of 56 cards to discover solutions to plastic pollution from around the world

An immersive awareness-raising tool created by the Plastic Odyssey team.


How is the plastic we use made? What happens once the plastic leaves the factory? And what happens to it once you throw it in the garbage can? 10 illustrated cards to help you understand all the stages in the life of a plastic.

Geographic zones

Where are the plastic objects we use made? Which countries use the most plastic? Where do the people who produce the most waste live? 10 maps of the world to discover the regions most affected by plastic pollution.


How does plastic endanger the lives of animals and plants? What impact does the plastic we use every day have on our health? What are the working conditions like for plastics workers? 14 illustrated cards to help you understand the impact of plastic on nature, health, human rights and the economy…


Can plastics be made without petroleum? What natural materials can replace plastic? What solutions exist for eliminating packaging? What regulations can be introduced? 20 illustrated cards to discover solutions that already exist around the world, and that can be replicated elsewhere.

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    The Treasure Trunks, a travelling exhibition

    On board the Plastic Odyssey, Treasure Trunks sail: large crates in which the expedition team gathers solutions as they travel around the world. The Treasure Trunks contain objects, ideas, and testimonies from all over the world to prevent plastic from ending up in the ocean. At each stage of the expedition, the Plastic Odyssey team opens its trunks wide to show these treasures to local residents, and presents the exhibition in a cultural venue in the city.

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