An expedition across 3 continents aboard a laboratory ship to find solutions against plastic pollution

On October 1st, 2022, the MV Plastic Odyssey ship departed from Marseille for a 3-year expedition around the world. It is headed for regions most affected by plastic pollution. A team of about twenty explorers on board the vessel have a mission to find concrete solutions to fight against plastic pollution.

The expedition’s itinerary

Expédition Plastic Odyssey

Focus On The Areas Most Affected By Plastic Pollution

Plastic Odyssey launches an exploration mission in the areas most affected by plastic pollution. The goal? Uncover solutions to fight against plastic pollution and experiment with innovative models on smaller scales to replicate these in other territories. 3 continents, 30 cities – and as many solutions tested and shared with the whole world.


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crew members

An Ambassador Vessel For The Fight Against Plastic Pollution

Laboratory Vessel

The Plastic Odyssey is a 40-meter scientific exploration vessel. Former oceanographic vessel, it has been transformed into a laboratory for the fight against plastic pollution and will carry on board a small experimental mobile recycling center as well as a mobile space for conducting experiments on land with locals at each stop.

Soft Mobility

The Plastic Odyssey is a former oceanographic vessel that has been sailing since the 1970s, and to which we have given a second life. Equipped with two small engines equivalent to those of a truck (500cv), it navigates the world at low speed (8 knots) to minimize its direct impact.

Training in the basics of plastic waste recycling
Incubation of recycling entrepreneurs
Recycling microfactory
Plastic alternatives exhibition
Educational resources to educate the next generation about plastic pollution
Research program on the uses of plastic

A committed community

Engineers, sailors, architects, communicators, inspired citizens, women and men determined to change the world. Plastic Odyssey brings together a community of enthusiasts who all share the same desire: to build a world free of plastic in the Ocean.

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