Low-tech and open-source recycling technologies to transform plastic waste into resources

Imagine, build, promote, and make available for free recycling technologies for plastic waste, developed to adapt to local issues. Simple-to-use technical solutions, robust, low-tech, easy to maintain, and of human-scale.

Our technical solutions for plastic recycling

open source recycling technology

The open-source recycling technology platform

This platform is a tool open to everyone aimed at combating plastic pollution by making technical knowledge around recycling and plastic waste recovery accessible.

→ Disseminate

business models and technical knowledge on plastic waste

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economic models based on recycling and plastic waste recovery

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a local actor ecosystem to create a global recycling network

machine recycling low tech

Resilient and Global Tools

Low-Tech and Open Source Technologies

Our set of technical solutions, based on existing and proven technologies in the industry, can be adapted to each context and meet local needs from waste and materials available on site. We have brought together these technologies in containers transformed into micro-recycling factories that can be deployed anywhere and consolidate an established recycling network or lay the foundations for one.

copeaux de plastiques

Collecting and Sorting Waste

From Waste To Raw Materials

Under the term “plastic” there are actually many different materials, each with different mechanical and chemical properties. Collecting, identifying, and sorting these different types of plastics are the first essential steps in enabling their recycling. At a smaller scale, the separation of plastics is done manually. Identifying them correctly requires a certain level of skills and expertise. We are developing a low-cost infrared spectrometer to facilitate this learning process and prevent omissions.

plastic recycling extruder

From Disposable Plastic To Sustainable Object

Recycling and Recovering Waste

Mechanical recycling makes it possible to transform recyclable plastic waste into innovative objects. Shredded and washed, plastic waste is then heated and kneaded by an extruder to form a malleable paste. Now in a mold, the plastic cools down and hardens before a new object can be produced, such as bricks to build houses, plates to replace wood, furniture, or even pipes.


Energy: Plastic’s Last Resort

Turning Plastic Into Fuel

Plastics that are not recyclable (technically or economically) can still be of use one last time. Since plastic comes from petroleum, it can return to its original form through pyrolysis. This process transforms plastic waste into gas and fuel, to create heat or electricity.

Open Source Baling Press

Optimizing Waste Transport

Compacting Plastic For Better Transport

Certain plastics, such as water bottles, are difficult to recycle on a small scale. It is, therefore, more interesting to resell them to specialized plants that will optimize their recycling. To optimize transport to these plants waste is compressed by a compacting machine.

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