SUNU Plastic Odyssey project launched in Senegal

On June 4, 2024, we officially launched the SUNU Plastic Odyssey project in Dakar, at the ‘PĂ´le de DĂ©veloppement Industriel’, alongside the Minister of Urban Planning, Local Authorities and Regional Development, and the French Ambassador to Senegal, Christine Fages. The event brought together numerous stakeholders and partners to demonstrate their commitment to better management of plastic waste in Senegal.

The SUNU project, implemented by Plastic Odyssey with the support of the French Embassy in Senegal, the Senegalese authorities and its partners, aims to support the development of an industrial sector for the recycling and recovery of plastic waste.


jobs created locally

4 000

recycled tons/year


people trained in recycling

5 000

children reached

Support for the development of a plastics recycling and recovery industry

Faced with plastic pollution and youth unemployment, SUNU Plastic Odyssey proposes an innovative and pragmatic solution: low-tech micro-factories, containerized and operated by local entrepreneurs. This collaborative project, supported by numerous partners, aims to transform the country’s waste into resources, create jobs, stimulate the local economy and raise awareness of the dangers of plastic among young people.

In line with Senegal’s national strategy and the initiatives of PROMOGED Senegal and SONAGED SA, as well as the 2020 plastics law, SUNU Plastic Odyssey brings together players committed to sustainable and inclusive development, to combat the devastating effects of plastic pollution on the environment, health and the economy.

SUNU Plastic Odyssey objectives:

Deployment of recycling micro-factories

10 micro-factories run by Senegalese entrepreneurs will transform plastic waste into useful products such as paving stones, tiles and street furniture. These facilities will create 150 local jobs and recycle 4,000 tonnes of plastic every year.

Professional training and integration

In partnership with 3FPT, a FabLab will be set up at the École Polytechnique de Thiès to provide training in recycling skills. Over 500 young people will be trained and qualified to work in this expanding sector.

Awareness-raising and education

In collaboration with CEFE and the Ministry of Education, awareness-raising programs will be deployed in schools. 500 educational sorting garbage cans will be installed, reaching 5,000 children and citizens.

The SUNU Plastic Odyssey project marks the beginning of a new era for a sustainable future in Senegal, with the support of:

Recycling microfactory

The Plastic Odyssey Local Factories are inspired by innovations and systems used on the ground around the world. They bring together, in the form of a container, all the machines necessary for the transformation of waste into new material or object.

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