Challenge #1: the soap

For the record, we met Martin Solveig at an event last year. When we talked about Plastic Odyssey, he was totally hooked. Since then, he has been sharing our videos. He even attended one of our events on the rooftop of the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris a few weeks ago when our prototype vessel, Ulysse, was exhibited. It gave us the opportunity to ask him about his “green habits”, especially one concerning the reduction of plastic waste.

Here is his answer:

With my wife, we started to remove gradually every plastic packaging we could. We began to replace the shower gel with soap. The packaging is just one piece of recyclable paper and the soap is fully consumed. Hence, there is no plastic waste!
This little example also works with many other daily products!


Two actions to beat plastic pollution efficiently:


our plastic consumption.


waste management to avoid environmental pollution.

Current situation

In France, the average consumption of plastic is 1.92 kg (4.2lb) per person every day!
Reducing this number to 1.7 kg (3,75lb) in every country above this limit (Such as every wealthy country) will reduce global plastic pollution by 26% (source : Jambeck et al., 2015)

In relation to the shower gel Martin Solveig talked about, its average use corresponds to 3 kg (6.6lb) of plastic per family every year, for a total of 85,000 tons. This, for France alone. Huge, right? Especially when we could totally get rid of it !

And it’s not over yet! As shower gels come from the petrochemical industry, we find evidence of artificial colors and scents, preservatives and sometimes even plastic microbeads! This means that we wash ourselves with paraben, glycol ether, silicone derivatives or formaldehyde (carcinogenic).

Obviously, all of this components will end up in oceans, unlike natural soaps that are totally biodegradable.

Did you know?

80% of French people recycle their kitchen cleaning supplies, but only 21% recycle their bath and body products!

Eco-Emballages/IPSOS study “Les Français et le tri des emballages dans la salle de bains” 2009 2009


For the Muggles

You can buy natural soaps. By natural soap, we mean bar soap or cut soap, requiring no special packaging. One key asset is that it’s made from natural-based product and has no environmental impact.
You can find it in every organic and bulk retailer, or at your local market, but if you prefer home delivery, you can find it here, here, or even here!

For the wizards

Make your own soap! What if we provided only homemade gift for Christmas this year? You’ll find >>ICI<< a great recipe to make your own soap this winter!!
In short, lye and fat, that’s all!

And for the shower gel fans

Your homemade shower gel. If you can’t definitely say goodbye to shower gel, here’s a simple recipe to make your own:
First, melt a natural soap in 1L (0,26 US gal) of hot water. Then, add a few drops of essential oil (lavender for example)
Leave it to cool down. However, pay attention to make a small amount, because the shower gel can be preserved one week only.

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