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Plastic Conscious

A recycled plastic ingot to allow everyone to redeem their plastic footprint

In order to reduce our large-scale ecological footprint, the idea of this project is to build an unprecedented economic system lying on the financial donation of the many. The collected funds would be reinvested in the building of infrastructures specialized in selecting or recovering plastic waste in the most affected areas of our planet.

In exchange and in a communication goal, the contributors would be presented with a «plastingot» as a symbol of their awareness and commitment in favor of this capital issue.

by Alban Desbarax, Designer, and David Le Gall, Commercial Engineer

“ PO lab is a great program because it combines technical and strategic support. It will help us to launch a pre-production of about sixty « plastingots » and to draw up a business plan. “

State of progress

Prototyping & Development


#1 Dunkirk, France


12/07/21 - 01/08/21

session 1