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Plastic Odyssey Lab

The Accelerator Program For Tomorrow’s Recyclers

Plastic Odyssey’s ambition is to connect all the actors of change in order to share good ideas, multiply local initiatives around the world, and accelerate the transition to a plastic-free world.

Support Entrepreneurs who innovate for the benefit of the Environment.

A Unique Acceleration Program

Develop the Plastic Recycling
Solutions of Tomorrow

The Recycling Projects Accelerator

The Plastic Odyssey LAB is a unique acceleration program for entrepreneurs who want to launch a social enterprise in plastic recycling. It includes technical support, but also several training sessions on social entrepreneurship.

The aim of this support is to develop the plastic recycling solutions of tomorrow.

The PO Lab program relies on an international network of technical experts and allows each entrepreneur to prototype their objects directly on board thanks to the onboard recycling workshop. This 200 m2 space is composed of 9 plastic recycling machines including a washing tank, a shredder, a compactor, an extruder, a press and a plate furnace. The entire recycling chain is available to entrepreneurs so that they can carry out their recycling projects under real conditions.

Entrepreneurial mentoring for the selected projects of this first POLab session is provided by the Crédit Agricole Group, through its Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation and several of its Regional Banks.

PO Lab in a few figures

More than 30 calls for applications

A few months before each stopover, local entrepreneurs can apply to win a unique incubation.

Between 2 to 6 projects selected per stopover

A total of 60+ accelerated projects in 30 countries around the world.
Discover the first laureates of session #1 in France.

2 weeks of acceleration on board

Program: embarking on the Plastic Odyssey ship, prototyping recycled plastic objects, advice from technical and business experts.

Boarding the Plastic Odyssey vessel

Several months before each port of call, local projects submit their project proposals to a call for applications launched by Plastic Odyssey The selected project leaders embark for two weeks on board the ship and benefit from a unique incubation program consisting of a technical part, thanks to the onboard workshop and Plastic Odyssey’s engineers who are at their disposal to prototype their solutions, and a project management part with social business experts who offer training sessions to move from the idea to the operational launch of the project.

This Summer: Launching The PO LAB Program

PO LAB Session #1 – Dunkirk, France.

The first promotion of entrepreneurs is exceptionally composed of 6 selected projects:

Discover the laureates

Recycled Plastic Skateboard Decks

by Jason Knight, Industrial Designer & Artist

Recycled Plastic Ingot

by Alban Desbarax and David Le Gall

Material recovery box

By Nicolas Legendre, Industrial Designer

Conchyl’Innov, recycling plastic oyster farming materials

By Charlotte Rhone, Shellfish farming

Purple alternative surface, the Permeable Paving Slab

By Pierre Quinonero and Sébastien Molas

Plasti-cycle, the Ecological Bicycle

by Sribouavong Daovone, Circular Economy Consultant

PO LAB Session #2 – Alexandria, Egypt

Share your project and get started for the Accelerator Program

PO LAB Session #3 – Tunisia

Applications will open on July 1st, 2021.

PO LAB Session #4 – Morocco

Applications will be opened on August 1st.