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Social Engagement

Engaging Citizens
To Build a Future
Free of Plastic

Plastic Odyssey develops action tools for citizens, for everyone to acquire the means to take action at local levels, facing today’s plastic crisis.

Fighting against plastic pollution by giving everyone the means to act locally.

The Project

A Nomadic Village Traveling Around The World
To Design Solutions With Local Inhabitants

A Mobile Structure

The Plastic Odyssey Village is a mobile space that travels from town to city to share knowledge and action tools with the remotest. Easily movable and deployable, the village presents general scientific information on waste, accessible tools to assess environmental pollution, technologies that allow simple transformations of plastic waste into valuable objects, and successful solutions from around the world to reduce our use of plastic.

Aboard the Plastic Odyssey vessel, the village will be deployed during stopovers and will engage with local communities from all over the world.

The Plastic Pollution

Transmitting Knowledge and Collecting Information

Scientific information on plastic pollution, tools to measure pollution, and observe plastics and micro-plastics, a space for expression and exchange with local inhabitants.

The Solution-Based

Demonstrate That One Can Do Better With Less

Demonstrate existing global practices to reduce and transform waste into valuable objects by highlighting local know-hows.

The Manufacturing

Conducting Experiments With Local Inhabitants

Free access to tools and technologies that enable local inhabitants to easily transform waste into valuable objects.

A Study Project

The Village is designed to transmit knowledge as much as to collect information locally. The former will, therefore, be enriched over each of its different stages, including surveys and analyses of local waste, the video booth which aims to record testimonies of local inhabitants, spaces provided to highlight local initiatives, or the interaction during workshops with local craftsmen or citizens.

Our Actions

Reconciling Global Challenge and Daily Life
By Undertaking Several Actions


Sharing Knowledge With The Most Affected Ones

Carry out scientific knowledge to areas most affected by plastic pollution, to interconnect all of our realities, to uncover the roots of curiosity’s stimulation, one’s desire to change things, and to encourage citizens to engage in the fight against plastic pollution.
Plastic Odyssey is developing a nomadic outreach system that will travel from town to city to share knowledge and know-how with local inhabitants.


Publicizing Virtuous Citizen-Led Initiatives Around The World

What if the fight against plastic pollution could also be a valuable resource for local inhabitants? Everywhere around the world, citizens are carrying out flourishing experiments to either reduce their waste or transform the former into valuable objects. These local initiatives, which often take place on the fringe of an established system, are a reservoir of innovative ideas for building tomorrow’s world. These ideas deserve to be known, replicated, and adapted wherever they are needed.
Plastic Odyssey conducts pilot projects with local citizens, identifies and documents solutions, and publicizes these to inspire others in different regions.


Uncovering Innovative Ways To Change Our Use Of Plastic

We can all agree on the fact that there is an urgent need to act differently. Yet, in practice, how can we change the behavior of 7.5 billion citizens towards further sustainable uses of plastic? One can find a diversity of solutions to any situation.

Surrounded by a scientific committee in human and social sciences, Plastic Odyssey is carrying out an itinerant action-research program across three continents, to find the levers that will help us change our behaviors.


Stimulate The Plastic Transition
By Mobilizing Citizens Around The World

Technology Alone Cannot Be Enough

For over 20 years, engineers and innovators from all sides have been working to develop technologies that prevent plastic pollution. Those include colossal vacuum cleaners to pick up plastic from the bottom of the Ocean, as well as smart and interconnected sea bins. Yet, the environmental success of these developments has been in vain. Indeed, while these technologies are running at full speed, the human race continues to dump an additional 19 tons of plastic into the Ocean, every minute.

What if we miscalculated a crucial factor in this equation?

Setting The Individual Back In The Center

At the political and industrial levels, changes are taking place, yet, their enactment takes time. Ban on single-use plastic pushed back to 2040, which marks the very long introduction of the deposit. Time: we no longer hold it. To stop the continuous leakage of plastic into our environment, we must empower local populations for everyone to act and engage at their level.
This is the journey we have chosen, and the one that will take us around the world.