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Social Entrepreneurship

Developing Local Recycling Entrepreneurship to Stimulate Employment

Plastic Odyssey supports the development of small recycling companies in developing countries by training local entrepreneurs, stimulating local employment, and encouraging these regions’ autonomy.

What if the fight against plastic pollution could be a valuable resource for local development?

Recycling: A Development Model

Stabilizing Impact and Profitability:
the challenge of the new world

Recycling Social Entrepreneurship

Social Enterprises Building Tomorrow’s World

Halfway between the organization devoted to its cause but dependent on external means, and the “classic” company seeking to maximize its profits, the social enterprise thrives on a perennial economic model, which aims to solve a societal problem. We believe in this model and aim to support it.

An Impact Transcending Waste

The challenge of plastic waste engulfs matters such as education, social and professional integration, the fight against inequalities, financial autonomy, the circular economy, clean and accessible energy.

Waste management projects must not only take all these aspects into account to guarantee their sustainability but can also benefit from them.

Sustainable Savings in Waste Treatment

Only economic profitability allows a recycling center to last over time. These areas of activity generate a considerable profit to the general interest. Recycling centers thus make it possible to develop either innovative materials or low-cost energy. Employment in the waste value chain is developing, and today’s precarious workers are getting accordingly paid.

As a whole, these micro-plants enhance both the local health and environmental situation.

Our Contribution

Develop Technical and Social Solutions
to Transform Waste into a Valuable Resource
and Stimulate Local Economies


Inspired By Thriving Models

For years, all over the world, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and innovators have been creating active, established, and sustainable tools and methods for processing plastic waste. We are about to engage with these innovators, to share achievements of other inspiring actors, and to build, together, relevant models where they do not yet exist.


Encourage Local Initiatives

In addition to a catalog of technical solutions, a support program should empower flourishing initiatives by securing every chance of success.
For this reason, we wish to rely on a network of both international and local partners, able to provide long-term support to project leaders:
development NGOs, professional organizations, cooperatives, business networks, and incubators.