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The Expedition

An Expedition Across 3 Continents
To Stimulate Local Initiatives Wherever They Are Needed

Plastic Odyssey launches an exploration mission in the areas most affected by plastic pollution. The goal? Uncover solutions to fight against plastic pollution and experiment with innovative models on smaller scales to replicate these in other territories. 3 continents, 30 cities – and as many experimentations tested and shared with the world.

What if we invented a future free of plastic waste in the Ocean?

The Course Of The Expedition

Focus On The Areas Most Affected By Plastic Pollution


years of missions




explored continents


crew members

The Vessel

An Ambassador Vessel For The Fight Against Plastic Pollution

Laboratory Vessel

The Plastic Odyssey is a 40-meter scientific exploration vessel. A former oceanographic vessel, it has been transformed into a laboratory for the fight against plastic pollution and will carry onboard a small experimental mobile recycling center, as well as a portable space to carry out experiments ashore with local inhabitants over each stopover.

Soft Mobility

Plastic Odyssey has been around since the ’70s. Equipped with small, low-polluting engines, it will criss-cross around the world for three years, turning plastic waste into fuel to circumnavigate.

A Committed Team

In addition to being a life-size demonstrator, the Plastic Odyssey is an authentic mobile laboratory vessel.