In Morocco, the mixture of clay and cade oil is enough to make you forget about plastic bottles

In Morocco, cade oil is used to decorate clay carafes and cups, and to preserve the water they contain.

A natural recipe

A natural recipe with amazing properties that makes you want to abandon plastic bottles, whose harmful impacts on the environment and human health are now proven.

Clay cups and carafes are very popular in Morocco, especially for serving mint tea, a traditional drink in the country, but also for storing water. However, clay is a porous material that can absorb the smells and flavors of the foods and drinks it contains. To avoid this, Moroccan artisans have developed a technique of coating clay cups and carafes with cade oil.

This oil, which is extracted from cade wood, contains active compounds such as creosol, guaiacol, and cadinene, which give it antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Cade oil prevents the proliferation of bacteria and germs in the clay. Moreover, cade oil gives a shiny and smooth appearance to the surface of the pottery, making it easier to clean.

Clay and cade oil containers for storing water: an alternative to plastic bottles and cups.

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