Stopover in Vanuatu 🇻🇺

  • Stopover 21
  • Port Vila
  • June 2024

Stopover 21

The Plastic Odyssey will be in Vanuatu in June 2024

Do you want to help us organize the stopover?
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How to help us?

Tri des déchets

Local Entrepreneurs

We’re looking for recycling entrepreneurs to take part in the OnBoard Laboratory, our incubation program on board the Plastic Odyssey vessel.

Press and media

Help us spread the word about the project by communicating about the ship’s arrival and our solutions to plastic, and take part in the stopover press conference.

Exhibition space

We are looking for an indoor space accessible to the public to present the Tresasure Chests of Plastic Odyssey exhibition, a library of objects to reduce plastic.

Recycling initiatives

We are looking to meet recycling initiatives (valorization or transformation of waste) or projects proposing alternatives to plastic (materials or uses).

Volounteers / Translators

We are looking for people living on site to help us translate the exhibition, guide school groups on board the ship, and assist us in organizing events during the stopover. Join the Team!

Docking at the quay

We are looking for a berth at the port for the entire duration of the stopover. The ship is 40 meters long, preferably moored to starboard at the quay and must be accessible to the public (partners and schools).

Partnership 🤝

We are constantly looking for local partners to help us organize stopovers and various events on site. Join us in our mission to save the oceans from plastic pollution, become a partner of the stopover.

Take part of the Adventure!

Help us!

Do you think you can help us?” Do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will get back to you very soon.

    Stopover :

    About the Expedition

    On October 1st, 2022, about twenty explorers set sail from Marseille aboard the Plastic Odyssey ship for a 3-year expedition around the world. They are heading towards the coastal regions most affected by plastic pollution.

    Carte de l'expédition de Plastic Odyssey

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