The Story behind Matmut

Matmut was established in 1961 as an insurance company, offering the first automobile insurance to employees of the private sector. The company functions with democratic governance centred around its members, who are represented by 470 delegates located all over French territory.

With more than 3.8 million members, and 7.2 million* managed insurance contracts, Matmut is an important actor in the French market for insurance. It offers to all – whether private owners, professionals, enterprises, or organizations – a wide variety of insurance products for individuals and goods (car, motorcycle, boat, households, responsibilities, family protection, health, legal protection and assistance), and for financial services and savings (auto loans, projects, loan insurance, savings account, life insurance…).

* data from 31/12/2018

The CSR involvement of Matmut

This new partnership falls under Matmut’s voluntary approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The company, being conscious of the major environmental issues we are now facing today, has taken to heart the fight to reduce its ecological footprint for several years now. They have done this in several ways, such as:

Regarding collaborators

• The installation of internal collection points made available to employees to collect and recycle cigarette butts, batteries, plastic bottle caps and cups.

• Providing beverage distributors equipped with mug and cup detectors as a way to limit, as much as possible, the use of single-use plastic cups.

• Constant decrease in the level of consumption of technology consumables.

• Organization of “Digital Detox” matinées during which collaborators are encouraged to reduce their number of emails sent.

Regarding members

• Support for policyholders through planning of Eco-driving classes, allowing drivers to acquire driving techniques that are cost-effective and ecological, ultimately leading to a lower consumption of fuel.

At the real-estate level

• The deployment of “save box”, energy-management machines. 70 agencies were connected by 2018, 20% more than in 2017, for a more proactive approach in the case of water leaks or over-consumption of electricity.

• The construction of The Filature in Rouen, a building with efficient and high energy performance, as well as innovative technology; recently even receiving the title of “Passivhaus”.

• The participation of Matmut in the Cube 2020 competition, part of the local COP 21 movement initiated by the metropole of Rouen (Métropole Rouen Normandie). All companies registered commit to reducing their energy consumption as much as possible.

The company has, furthermore, been designated winner of the Trophy for Sustainable Development 2019 (Trophées du Développement durable 2019). The event has taken place annually for the past 10 years, organized by Caux Seine Agglo, to encourage innovation and positive practices in companies leading towards sustainable development.

The reasons behind Matmut’s support of the Plastic Odyssey Expedition

The social, responsible, and citizen-oriented engagement of Matmut is a part of its DNA. The company has always been backed by a human and solidarity-based conception of insurance, socially responsible policies and initiatives to reduce its ecological footprint.

Their partnership with Plastic Odyssey will help, internally as well as externally, raise awareness. This partnership will also support change, and a transition towards a system that is more respectful of the environment, all whilst supporting an innovative and forward-looking project.

Commenting on the partnership, Stéphanie Boutin, Deputy General Director of Matmut in charge of communication stated:

“The Plastic Odyssey project is innovative and sustainable, firmly focussing on the human, a touching approach to us as a mutualist-based structure. The project is symbolic of our engagement to our collaborators as well as our members. […] Today, we wish the best to our partner in their new and remarkable project, and as of 2020 Matmut will follow their departure and adventure closely. What a source of inspiration for all of us to act at an individual level and on a daily basis in favour of the preservation of our planet!”