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Cape Verde: Artisans who braid or knit all the plants in the country

Cape Verde is full of artisans with magic fingers. They braid or knit banana, sisal, palm leaves and make an incredible variety of objects without ever resorting to plastic.

Palm trees, sisal, and banana trees as raw materials

Cape Verde is an archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the west coast of Africa. Palm trees, sisal, and bananas have played an important role in the country’s culture and economy: palm oil production, rope and sisal carpet manufacturing, banana export… These plants, still very present, are now used by artisans to make various objects: bags, baskets, bowls, hats, shoes, furniture… Many artisans still have the know-how to select plants, transform them, braid them, and make durable and biodegradable objects.

A sisal knitted sponge that replaces 10 synthetic sponges

Bananaleaf plates to replace polystyrene plates

A goya leaf basket to avoid plastic bags

Plastic alternatives exhibition

The exhibition that brings together solutions to do without plastic

The Plastic Odyssey Treasure Trunks bring together alternatives and solutions from around the world to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean.

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