Brazil: filtering water to avoid buying plastic water

Brazil is a huge country divided into several regions, and we were lucky enough to be able to visit the Northeast. In this region, access to drinking water is restricted for some, and in the face of increasing water pollution, this is a real need. So the locals came up with a clever solution to filter tap water naturally, avoiding the need to buy plastic bottles and cans.

Clay water filters to avoid plastic

The clay water filter, made by local craftsmen, can be found on every market and in many Brazilian homes. Designed in two parts, you simply pour water into the first container, which then flows into the second container and is filtered by a ceramic block at the bottom of the filter. The mixture of clay and ceramic filters out all impurities, so all you have to do is serve yourself and enjoy!

These filters come in a range of sizes to suit all family needs. During previous stopovers, we’ve already seen similar alternatives around the world, all different in shape, but each using a natural material for its filtering properties. The gargoulette or earthenware jug in France, the ceramic filter in Guatemala, the clay carafe in Morocco, the earthenware carafe in Lebanon – all these natural solutions make it possible to avoid plastic consumption, while having a positive impact on the environment and our health.

A clay water filter to avoid plastic cans

An agave leaf sieve for natural cooking

Plastic alternatives exhibition

The exhibition that brings together solutions to do without plastic

The Plastic Odyssey Treasure Trunks bring together alternatives and solutions from around the world to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean.

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