World Oceans Day : Announcement of the departure

We are finally ready to set sail after more than two years spent at the shipyard to restore our vessel, whose departure was delayed by a series of misfortunes.

Launch of the Plastic Odyssey Expedition

To celebrate the World Ocean Day, Plastic Odyssey’s team has some great news to share with you!

Following up on the announcement we made at the beginning of the year about our ship leaving Dunkerque for Saint-Nazaire to undergo its final repairs, we’re happy to announce,
5 months later, that it is now ready to join us in Marseille, for its final stopover before the expedition is launched,

as the result of lengthy hours of work from our crew and our two captains, Magaly and Olivier.

Last Thursday (June 2nd), our vessel was pushed and tested to its limits in the presence of administrators from the Maritime Affairs Office who have been following our ship’s evolution for long. Tests’ outcomes were very positive!

See you in Marseille in september (2022)

We are therefore very pleased to invite you in Marseille, in September, for the launch of the expedition The program will include a series of events, open to all ship visits, a demonstration of our onboard recycling workshop, as well as the inauguration of the new Plastic Odyssey “solutions village” and the launch of a social sciences research program.

We will then head to Lebanon and Egypt, first stops on our journey to the 30 most polluted cities in the world for a 3-year adventure to help in the fight against the plastic emergency.

Nice surprises coming up!

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