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West Africa

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The industrial branch of Plastic Odyssey aims to deploy a global network of low-tech micro-plastic recycling factories. This decentralized industrial system relies on community entrepreneurs who operate these semi-industrial units.

A micro-factory is a 20-foot container with a line of machines that allow the transformation of “dirty” plastic waste into a finished product. With a capacity of approximately 200 tons per year, it is often composed of a shredder, an extruder, and a press.

After several years of research and development, Plastic Odyssey has implemented three of these micro-factories and plans to accelerate in 2023. It is in this context of learning and acceleration that you will evolve.

You will be the technical asset of Plastic Odyssey in the field to implement and participate in the success of the projects.

You will work in pairs with a “Business Engineer” profile who will handle the financial and commercial aspects of the projects. You will be supported remotely by the technical team based in France.

You will intervene during all phases of the projects:

  • Study
    • Site visit to define the development needs
    • Meeting with entrepreneurs and their teams to build the project
  • Implementation
    • Receipt of micro-factories
    • Commissioning
    • Training of teams
  • Operations
    • Continuous training of operators (sorting and characterization of plastics, use of machines, quality / safety / environment, use of additives and colorants)
    • Quality problem diagnosis
    • Productivity improvement projects
    • Assistance with machine maintenance
    • Conversion of the chain to new outlets


You know how to play as part of a team, but you are very autonomous and not afraid to be left to your own devices in a country you do not know.

You are a resourceful handyman. You will be able to find an electric motor in difficult conditions and wire it to a machine, make a mold cooling system with a Peugeot 309 radiator, and it will bring back good memories.

You also know how to take a step back and, while keeping your common sense, solve process, human, and supply problems.

You do not like to be behind a desk, and you want to travel for a few years through West Africa.

You are an organized person and will be able to get your hands out of the grease to provide remote assistance, organize your future interventions, or keep performance indicators.

You like to capitalize and pass on knowledge, whether to the teams on the ground who will use the machines or to the technical team you will help improve the machines.

You have industrial experience related to continuous improvement and maintenance. Knowledge of the plastics or recycling industry would be a plus.

We are looking for qualities and passion above all. If you think this mission is for you, apply now!

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