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Stopover video: Episode 1 in Tunisia

We are proud to unveil the first episode of our expedition video series, made during the stopover in Bizerte, Tunisia.

Plastic Odyssey stopover videos

The stopover video is a new format that we are launching to allow you to follow the progress of the project and document our actions during the different stopovers of the expedition. Each episode will take the form of a short video of 2-3 minutes and will address different themes:

  • an update on the local plastic pollution situation / production and systems in place to collect, sort and recycle plastic waste;
  • the concrete solutions that exist to go plastic-free and the actors who contribute to this change;
  • difficulties encountered during the stopover;
  • highlights of the adventure ;

You can find all the episodes of the series on our social networks and our website.

Watch episode 1: Stopover in Bizerte, Tunisia

Replay of the third stopover of the Plastic Odyssey in Bizerte, from December 1 to 18, 2022.

Next stopovers

Morocco, Senegal, Guinea, Cape Verde, Brazil, French Guiana… See you in one month for the next episode.

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