A clean vessel for a clean ocean

A laboratory vessel, representing plastic waste reduction and recycling

A full-scale demonstration tool
to test an improve tomorrow’s solutions

Les deux espaces du navire :

A small-scale factory, to bring value to plastic<

The entire aft of the vessel will be a recycling workshop. Some machines will be taken onboard in order to be further tested, and when confronted with local challenges, will be improved along the trip.
This will be the boat’s showroom: example working machines will be onboard, the same kind of machines that could be installed on land.
The goal is to inspire local professional networks to launch plastic recovery centers.

An area to re-think plastic usage

The fore part of the vessel will be dedicated to waste reduction: the crew areas of the ship will be an inspiration for tomorrow’s hotel rooms, and the kitchen, an inspiration for restaurants.
By working with professional engineers and designers in eco-conception, Plastic Odyssey will showcase effective alternatives for disposable packaging in a specific place on board. Those solutions will inspire businesses wanting to reduce their impact on our planet.

Cognitive and behavioral science is one of the keys to pushing us toward a more sustainable lifestyle..”

Giving a new life to the vessel

With the need to have an increased environmentally-friendly approach, it is obvious that completely refurbishing a second-hand vessel is the only option. This ship will be the DNA of our project: recycling existing objects instead of creating new one.

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To learn more about the ongoing research for a vessel, read this article:

On board Plastic Odyssey

A crew of 12 to 20 will embark, made up of professional sailors, system engineers, filmmakers and camera operator, photographer, anthropologist, members of the Plastic Odyssey Lab (POL) association and guests (partners, media, scientists, artists…)