Tour de France: D-3 months before the official launch of the expedition

After several months of preparation, of construction sites, of unforeseen events, and many challenges, but also some pleasant surprises… we can positively claim: Victory! We will finally weigh our anchor in early 2021.

The situation is critical? It’s time to roll up our sleeves!

The unprecedented health crisis which we are experiencing is challenging the entire world. It also sets an urgent reminder of how important the preservation of our ecosystems and the search for resilient, local, small, and human-scale solutions is for the construction of the “next world.”

Following intensive discussions, we, therefore, decided to launch this expedition against all winds, plastics, and tides. Every minute, an additional 19 tons of plastic waste are dumped into the Ocean. Urgent action is needed. Which is epic timing as we really want you on board! Our expedition will thus start in early 2021.

The first stage of the expedition: the tour de France

Today, we unveil to you the first stage of this expedition: a tour de France!

From Dunkirk, we will set sail for Marseille and stop in several cities along the French coast to meet you and present to you the Plastic Odyssey project. To this day, the stopovers have not been confirmed, and the choice of cities has not been decided yet. We would therefore like to invite you to decide with us what the stopovers of our tour de France will be.

It’s up to you to decide where the vessel will conduct its stopovers

Le Havre or Saint-Malo? Brest or Concarneau? Nantes? Bordeaux?
The choice is yours: we leave the helm to you!

Join us on social networks to vote and choose the course of the vessel along the French coast.

Vote for your city

Post the name of your city with the hashtags #POchezMoi and #POtour, mentioning @PlasticOdyssey.

On Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, to bring the vessel as close as possible to you!

A faithful community that we want to meet

Many of you have been following us since the beginning of this adventure. It is why we must come to you, to offer you a unique experience of Plastic Odyssey, before our great departure around the world.

This tour de France is an opportunity for us to thank you for your support, which we experience every day through our social networks.

Join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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