Plastic Odyssey partners with Galerie Daoudi Art.

Designed as a place for life and experience, Daoudi Art brings together and supports a selection of exceptional artists from very different horizons, with unique visions and working on various media. No limits, neither in subject, nor in means, nor in dimension are imposed on them.

The alliance of art and adventure to raise awareness of plastic pollution

Figure 1 – Serge Krewiss – Les Amoureux.
Does Serge Krewiss want to make us see beyond his plastic bottles? Plastic pollution is invading the planet, and water, the source of life and a symbol of purity, is becoming scarcer every day. We are faced with this ambivalence. The container destroys the content when it seems to preserve it.

By partnering with the Plastic Odyssey expedition, Daoudi Art reaffirms its commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic creation while joining a strong environmental cause.

Plastic Odyssey is undertaking a world tour to discover the best solutions for reducing plastic pollution in the sea. With over thirty stops in three years, this expedition lists initiatives for turning waste into resources, in connection with the local ecosystem of entrepreneurs and associations engaged in plastic emergency.

This partnership offers the opportunity, through artistic creation, to question our relationship with this ubiquitous plastic material and our ability to rework it and give it new life. The Plastic Odyssey adventure, as well as its cultural and artistic encounters across three continents, will be sources of inspiration for the artists of Galerie Daoudi Art.

The first work of art in tribute to Plastic Odyssey

Figure 2 – Serge Krewiss – Liberty guiding the people.

The first work of art created by Serge Krewiss in tribute to Plastic Odyssey, thanks to the support of Galerie Daoudi Art.

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