A company
with a mission

Plastic Odyssey Expedition, which runs the vessel and develops low-tech and open-source recycling technologies.

An organization
with a public mission

Plastic Odyssey Community, which carries out awareness-raising activities and a mobile research project on human behavior concerning plastic.


A network of public and private partners engaged in the fight against plastic pollution and giving us their support.

An international community

A community around the world of committed and motivated volunteers to help us change our use of plastic.


Explore the world off beaten tracks
to reduce plastic pollution

Field studies in the Mediterranean Basin, Africa, and Asia to prepare the expedition

To prepare for the expedition that will take us around the world, Plastic Odyssey traveled to Burkina Faso, Thailand, Egypt, and Lebanon to meet men and women who are conducting experiments on the use and recycling of plastic.

Ulysse, the first boat to navigate thanks to plastic waste

To demonstrate that successful solutions for turning plastic waste into a valuable resource exist, Plastic Odyssey created Ulysse in 2018: a catamaran that navigates thanks to plastic waste turned into fuel.
Ulysse sailed around France to raise awareness concerning plastic pollution and to vividly manifest the success of its low-tech solution.

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