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The Citizen-Based Manufacturing Shop

Every minute, 19 tons of plastic waste end up dumped into the ocean. What if we could give single-use plastic a second life?

Converting Plastic Waste Into Valuable Objects

Plastic Odyssey has built a mobile manufacturing workshop: an onboard recycling center that travels from city to city and offers residents the opportunity to transform plastic waste into useful products. This mobile space contains technologies, tools, and directions to recycle plastic that is about to end up in the trash. Those technologies include a bike shredder for plastic waste, machines to weave old plastic bags, and others to melt used caps to design new objects. All these technologies are open access.

Free-Access Technologies to Transform Plastic Waste Into Innovative Objects

The Citizen-Based Manufacturing Shop recycling waste
  • Bicycle shredder for plastic waste
  • PET bottle unwinder
  • Injection machine for designing new objects
  • Plastic weaving machine
  • Plastics iron for making canvas (kites, kits, schoolbags …)
  • Waste sorting bin

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