Videos: Two alternatives to single-use plastic discovered in Senegal

Senegal is an arid country. Yet, its soil is full of invaluable resources…

Quality groundwater and funny-shaped gourds

During our stopover in Dakar, we met two local entrepreneurs who are actively participating, in their own way, in reducing the consumption of single-use plastic in their country They are Madame Camara, who opened a water kiosk, and Fallou, who makes various objects with gourds, a type of squash that grows everywhere in the country.

Street kiosks that serve tap water, to replace the millions of single-use plastic bottles and sachets of water

A gourd transformed into a container, to replace plastic containers

Plastic alternatives exhibition

The exhibition that brings together solutions to do without plastic

The Plastic Odyssey Treasure Trunks bring together alternatives and solutions from around the world to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean.

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