Rather than explaining in our own words what the Plastic Odyssey adventure is all about, the floor is given to our devoted ambassadors. The best TV and ITW footage about the project is here gathered in a zapping video.

An ambitious project to fight against plastic pollution

For nearly four years, Alexandre DECHELOTTE, Simon BERNARD, and Bob VRIGNAUD have been working with their teams on an insane project:a round-the-world expedition on a vessel, ambassador for the fight against plastic pollution.

A three-year journey with over 30 stopovers to promote recycling solutions, create a global recycling network and develop local economies in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

Carte de l'expédition de Plastic Odyssey

Committed partners

“If this project works, it will have a colossal impact.” Adrien Geiger, Group Sustainability Officer of L’Occitane en Provence – Main Partner.

Discover in this video how the journalist Gilles BOULEAU presents Plastic Odyssey on TF1’s evening newscast, how Olivia SCHALLER describes Simon Bernard on the set of Télématin, or witness how Adrien GEIGER from L’Occitane en Provence when he explains why he supports the project on BFM Business TV, interviewed by Cyrielle HARIEL.

Turning off the tap at the source

80% of the plastic pollution of the Ocean comes from ashore, transported by rivers and streams. Once at sea, plastic either sinks or breaks down into micro-particles which are no longer recoverable. For efficient action, the problem must be solved at the source: ashore. Plastic Odyssey develops and disseminates solutions for plastic reduction, recycling, as well as alternatives for energy recovery, to create a global network that fights against plastic pollution. These solutions are to be developed ashore, to create jobs while reducing the source of plastic pollution at sea.

A floating recycling workshop

“We are going to turn an exploration vessel into a floating recycling workshop!” Simon BERNARD CEO of Plastic Odyssey.

To promote plastic recycling solutions, the Plastic Odyssey team will navigate on a vessel equipped with low-tech and open source machines dedicated to the recovery of plastic waste. The ship will stop in over 30 coastal cities to provide local populations with appropriate means to act in the face of the plastic crisis.

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