First expedition navigation for Plastic Odyssey

The Plastic Odyssey sailed across the Mediterranean Sea to reach Beirut, its first stop. Discover the behind-the-scenes of the first navigation.

The first miles of the vessel

Finally, we’re here! After all these years of preparation, the determination of the whole team has paid off. The Plastic Odyssey has finally set sail and will be able to present to the world the solutions that exist to fight against plastic pollution.

Visual recap

plastic odyssey vessel

Departure of the vessel

After a short stop in Monaco, the ship set sail towards Beirut on October 6.

Calm seas

For over four days, the Mediterranean Sea was remarkably calm and offered us beautiful landscapes.

Maintenance of the vessel

Quentin, Lieutenant, applies varnish on the bridge doors.

Passage between Sardinia and Corsica

After a day of sailing, the ship sails through the Strait of Bonifacio.

Juliette et Morgane prépare le programme de formation au recyclage des déchets plastiques

Preparation for stops and the OnBoard Laboratory

Juliette and Morgane prepare for the next stops and Session #2 of the OnBoard Laboratory.

Maintenance of the vessel

During the navigation, the sailors paint several elements of the main deck.

Preparation of the workshop

Baptiste, onboard engineer, and Simon, Chief Mechanic, maintain the hydraulic press.

Engine room

Simon, Chief Mechanic, takes care of the ship’s engines.


Greg, our Michelin-starred chef, prepares meals every day for the whole team.

Passage near Stromboli

The vessel passed a few miles away from Stromboli, which offered a magnificent spectacle.


After violent storms for several days, Quentin, Lieutenant, and Louis, Second Captain, repair the windshield wipers.

Arrival in Beirut

The vessel arrives in Beirut on Tuesday, October 18, in the early morning.

Vessel maneuvering

Magaly, exCaptain of the Plastic Odyssey, maneuvers the ship to dock at the port of Zaitunay Bay in Beirut.

Plastic Odyssey amarré au port - Liban

Preparation for the stopover

The vessel is moored at the quay and the teams prepare for the stopover.

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