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Acting Ashore to Reduce Plastic Pollution at Sea

Plastic Odyssey will conduct several stopovers in the areas most affected by plastic pollution, to test and assess solutions, and adapt them to local needs with the help of inhabitants and local entrepreneurs.

Over 30 Stopovers Across 3 Continents!

The Stages

30 Stages of 3 Weeks, Across 3 Continents

Carte de l'expédition de Plastic Odyssey

The Expedition’s Itinerary

2021 – 2024

The Plastic Odyssey journey keeps on blooming, as well as its expedition’s itinerary. The information presented below is, therefore, likely to evolve and thus, be updated regularly.

Tour de France

The vessel’s inauguration is to be expected in May 2021 in the port of Dunkirk

The expedition will launch in 2021 with a Tour de France. From Dunkirk, we will set sail for Marseille, stopping in several cities along the French coast to meet you and introduce you to the Plastic Odyssey laboratory vessel.

May Dunkirk, France

June Announced in March

July Announced in March

Aug. Announced in March

Sept. Marseille, France

Sept. Participation in the ICUN

Mediterranean Mission

After a stop in Marseille, we’ll be heading for the Mediterranean Basin between August and December 2021.

After a quick stop in Marseille, Plastic Odyssey’s home port, where we will make the final preparations for the expedition, we will head for the cities along the Mediterranean coast for a mission lasting several months, having several stopovers.

Oct. Marseille, France

Nov. Alexandria, Egypt

Dec. Tunis, Tunisia

Dec. Alger, Algeria

Jan. Rabat/Agadir, Morocco

Africa and America

In 2022, stopovers on West African and Latin American coasts.

The expedition will continue its course in 2022 along the West African coast. It will then head for the Atlantic Ocean to finally reach the coast of Latin America.

Stopover Praia, Cape Verde

Stopover Dakar, Senegal

Stopover Conakry, Guinea

Stopover Fortaleza, Brazil

Stopover Belem, Brasil

Stopover Georgetown, Guyana

Stopover Le Marin, Martinique

Stopover Port-au-Prince, Haïti

Stopover Kingston, Jamaica

Stopover Puerto Limon, C. Rica

Stopover Guayaquil, Ecuador

Stopover Lima, Peru

Pacific Asia

In 2023, the expedition will head towards the Pacific, then Asia, to conduct its nearly final stopovers.

Setting sail towards the last continent, Pacific Asia! The horizon of 2024 and the return to France will loom offshore, but Plastic Odyssey will continue to lead the fight against plastic pollution in heavily impacted regions.

Stopover Hanga Roa, Chili

Stopover Henderson Island, Pitcairn

Stopover Papeete, Polynesia

Stopover Suva, Fiji

Stopover Port Vila, Vanuatu

Stopover Makassar, Indonesia

Stopover Manilla, Philippines

Stopover Nha Trang, Vietnam

Stopover Jakarta, Indonesia

Stopover Padang, Indonesia

Stopover Phuket, Thailand

Stopover Chennai, India

Stopover Colombo, Sri Lanka

Stopover Malé/Thilafushi, Maldives

The Next Mission

A Tour de France to Start the Expedition!

It’s Up to You to Decide Where the Vessel Will Conduct its Stopovers

Le Havre or Saint-Malo? Brest or Concarneau? Nantes? Bordeaux? It is up to you to choose in which cities on the French coast we will stop to meet you and get you on board. You will have understood it, for this first stage of the expedition, we leave you at the helm!

Conducted Actions

Demonstrations, Experimentations,
Knowledge and Know-How Sharing

For Recycling Experts and Local Entrepreneurs

  • Demonstration of On-Board Technologies
  • Research and Development of Technical Solutions
  • Connecting Local Actors (investors, entrepreneurs, policy makers, etc.)
  • Dissemination of Machine Plans

For Local Citizens and Organizations

  • Scientific Exhibition On Plastic and Its Impacts
  • Participatory Science Devices To Measure The Local Impact of Plastic Pollution
  • Manufacturing Workshops From Waste
  • Research On Uses and Practices Related To Plastics
  • Research and Documentation of Innovative Citizen-Based Solutions