Stopover in Guinea 🇬🇳

  • Stopover 6
  • Conakry, without vessel
  • From March 16 to 18, 2023

Stopover 6

Conakry, sixth stopover of the Plastic Odyssey

Conakry was a very special stopover for Plastic Odyssey. Indeed, the risks of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea are very high. For crew safety reasons, we were not able to move with the vessel. Part of the team went to Conakry to experience several significant events such as the inauguration of the first recycling micro-factory developed by Plastic Odyssey and an OffBoard Laboratory session with many participants.

Recycling waste in Guinea is still a limited practice due to the lack of adequate infrastructure and population awareness. Most of the waste is still incinerated or dumped in landfills, which can have detrimental effects on the environment and public health. However, there are entrepreneurs and organizations that want to promote recycling, raise awareness among the population, and invest in adequate infrastructure for waste sorting and treatment.

The 7th session of the OffBoard Laboratory, consisting of 11 entrepreneurs and 7 institutional representatives from the region, took place under perfect conditions thanks to the support of the Inter-regional Maritime Security Institute, especially Yann Regallet, who made this week possible.

Key figures


new entrepreneurs

These are 11 men and women who have completed our training program and joined the Plastic Odyssey entrepreneur community. They work every day to fight plastic pollution in their country.


pavers per day

This is the daily production of recycled plastic pavers from the BGS Recyplast company. Therefore, more than 140,000 recycled plastic pavers can be produced each year, which is about 100 tons of recycled plastic.

485 000

tons of plastic waste

Every year, nearly 500 tons of plastic waste are produced in Guinea. Unfortunately, most of this waste ends up in nature and ends up in the ocean due to the lack of infrastructure.

What should we remember from this stopover?

The stopover in Conakry was very emotional for the entire team, who were able to see the result of several years of work and realize the social impact of this first plastic waste recycling micro-factory. This is the beginning of a long adventure for BGS Recyplast and Plastic Odyssey.

On the entrepreneurship side, there is a lot of motivation and determination. Sustainable development actors in Guinea are motivated and increasingly developing training, tools, and support to raise awareness among the population and develop recycling infrastructure.

We will closely follow the different entrepreneurs we met during these 12 days to help them develop the local recycling economy in Guinea.


The Plastic Odyssey vessel makes a stopover in Dakar

About the Expedition

The Plastic Odyssey team navigates around the world to discover, reference, and share concrete solutions to fight against plastic pollution. A three-year expedition across three continents in countries most affected by plastic pollution.

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