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The Online Training Program For The Recyclers Of Tomorrow!


90% of ocean plastic pollution comes from 20 to 30 low to middle-income countries especially in Asia, Africa and South America because they lack waste management systems.

In these countries, many entrepreneurs are developing or wish to develop plastic waste recycling initiatives to turn trash into an economic resource and fight against plastic pollution.

These initiatives are led by self-taught and isolated entrepreneurs in an informal economy.

With the Recycling Academy, we offer the 1st accessible training to learn the basics to develop your own factory with semi-industrial processing capacities.

The Recycling Academy brings together recycling entrepreneurs from all over the world to facilitate the sharing of experiences and skills between peers.

A free 3-week training program to get your plastic waste recycling business off the ground!

  • Online training courses led by our experts and recycling pioneers
  • A digital platform with training manuals to go further
  • Practical exercises to develop your project
  • A community of entrepreneurs and technical experts

The Academy is made for you if:

  • You want to launch your plastic recycling project
  • You have launched your project and you want to improve your recycling process
  • You are committed to reducing plastic pollution in your country
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • You are eager to learn and you will be able to put into practice the advice of the program’s experts

– 1st edition –
Recycling Academy AFRICA

Form June 13th to June 30
Call for applications from May, 16th to June, 3rd

  • Free
  • Online
  • 3 weeks

A program designed in 5 steps:


1. Kick-off & presentation of the recycling ecosystem


2. From waste to object


3. Building my recycling center


4. The keys to the recycling business model


5. Feedback from pioneering entrepreneurs

#1 Recycling Academy Africa – frome June 13th to June 30

Apply now to be part of the 1st edition of the Recycling Academy!

If you are developing a recycling project on the African continent and can attend the program two days a week in June, send us your application!

🇫🇷 Training in French
An English edition will be organized soon